Off the High Dive…And Into the Blogging World

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Some prefer to test the waters. Us? We like to dive right in.

And so when we discover an idea that gets our heart rate going, we point the creative compass to the unknown and see where that idea can take us. Case in point: this blog.

We’re so excited to share our thoughts with you all; we’ve been compiling, researching, and trying to learn the ways of the blogosphere in order to bring our perspective to life online!

So, who are we?

The ‘we’ of this blog is Olivia and Jade.  Olivia is chatty and enthusiastic.  She’s driven and passionate about things like equality, education, and empowerment.  Jade is equally spirited.  She’s science-minded and practical, but creatively avid and adventurous.

We’ve both been accepted to graduate programs in genetic counseling that will begin this fall.  As you may or may not know, genetic counseling is a two year, full time master of science program to earn the title M.S.G.C.  More on that here and here.

What’s this all about?

Starting a new program, job, or project can be intimidating, and it helps to have someone to talk to who has been there, done that or is battling through it at the same time. Consider this blog that friend.

Maps & Genes is – at its core – about inspiration and exploration, embracing challenges and the unknown, and the process of etching out a career and a purpose in life. It’s a constant process and one of our favorite discussion topics. We love to ask “How did you get where you are today?” and “Where are you going next?” as we continue to modify and expand our own plans and dreams.

We want to give those considering the field an inside look; our fellow students the opportunity to share their stories and successes; and, for those already in the profession, the chance to share their own words of wisdom.  We also hope to appeal to a larger network of allied health students and professionals, as we believe our experiences and interests overlap.

You can expect to find posts relating directly to Genetic Counseling (GC), but also discussions about relevant medical literature, various allied health professions, humanitarian work, public health, global health, health and wellness, and possibly Jade’s obsession with koala bears. In all seriousness, we hope this develops overall into a great site to discover resources and conversations that ignite dialogue and spread inspiration.

Oh…and one more thing…

We are, um, inter-web amateurs.  But we’re also fast and eager learners.  If our site looks funny or something doesn’t click properly, let us know.  WordPress might actually be more complicated than a 10 generation family pedigree for us right now.  Bear with us as we traverse the steep learning curve!

Typos might slip in here and there and posts may peter out for a week or so during finals, but we’re dedicated to this site and eager to journal our way through genetic counseling school.

Thanks for reading!

Til next time,

O & J


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