Making Moves & First Impressions: A Week of Orientations ((by Jade))

God bless my family, mainly my dad’s uncanny ability to caravan all my earthly possessions into 2 suburbans and then captain what should have been an 8 hour drive into a 6 hour drive.  He lovingly filled me up on Panera lunch, awarded me a 10 minute shopping spree in Target, then plunked me down among my boxes in my new room.  He wanted to make it back (2 states away) before that night, so he wished me luck, patted my head, and hit the road home.  Such is his way.

The transition has been nice and smooth, though, and I’ve unpacked, settled in, and navigated my way around town.  (I’ve got a thing for maps and navigation, which is why “maps” got instated into the title of this blog.)

I’ve since met my classmates for dinner and attended 2 orientations, one with the school of medicine and one within the GC program.  Orientations encompassed many boring details and a pile of red-tape, but that’s how these things work – sign 50 papers, remember 20 passwords, here’s 2 mailboxes and 3 emails accounts (true story), and now we’re going to tell you about the history of our program.  But also, there was free lunch.  I will sign all the papers you want for free lunch.

Sarcasm aside, everyone has been more than friendly, the buildings/suites/hospitals are all welcoming, and the general feeling is that “they want us to succeed”.  In addition, our GC class is only a group of 7, so the program is like Cheers, where everyone knows your name.  It’s something special to have that individualized attention and support.

Initial impressions are all positive.  I am, I’m excited.  The workload might kick my butt, but I wouldn’t be here if I weren’t partial to some good, long library nights.

These are my texts so far. I'm waiting on about 4 others. Let the reading begin!

On the agenda: finding myself a job, finding parking at the gym (embarrassment alert: I can’t parallel park), and waiting patiently for the rest of my books to come in!


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