Gaining Patient Insight: The Scar Project & Patient Blogs ((By Olivia))

Disclaimer: The Scar Project contains female upper body nudity…(just thought you should know!)

The wonderful blog The Improvised Life that I frequently obsess over had the most moving post last week about a photo collection of women who bear (bare?) the scars left behind from having breast cancer called The Scar Project.

In a word: WOW.

These women exude raw strength.  It also beautifully illustrates how surviving the unknown territory of illness can leave you feeling, on the contrary, quite vulnerable. I felt myself tearing up at the honesty in these images.

This collection allowed a glimpse into the lives of these women but I wish I could learn more! I feel that listening, or in this case observing, the experiences of patients truly broadens my perspective and enables me, as future health professional, to consider the emotions and reactions that a person may have after learning important information about their health.

I also like to read patient blogs as another way to learn about the ‘patient perspective.’ Some that I really like are below. I tend to start at the beginning post and work towards the most recent or sometimes search posts for ‘genetic counseling,’ but that’s just me! Feel free to share your faves in the comments section…


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