Study distractions: Wish I was hanging ten with Mauli Ola ((By Olivia))

I really should be studying Embryology right now, but I wanted to share the efforts of  this awesome organization down in Hawaii called Mauli Ola –” breath of life”– that crept into my consciousness while studying this weekend.

A group of pro-surfers has teamed up with Ambry Genetics to host surfing camps and workshops for kids who have Cystic Fibrosis. The camps are a great way for the kids to get out and enjoy nature, meet other kids with CF, and, according to their website, experience a natural treatment from the ocean water’s saline. Sounds like an interesting concept to me and world’s more fun than a trip to the hospital. Carly’s blog about being a teen with CF was featured on the site; check it out for real-talk insight into living with CF.

It would be so cool to get to go to one of their events someday! Now if only I had a reason to go to Hawaii… hint, hint NSGC planning committee!




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