First Semester Round-Up ((By Jade))

Note: I like to post on Sundays for consistency.  But what sort of weirdo posts about graduate school on Christmas Day!?  So this one is going up on Friday.  Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

For four months I thought about how slow this semester felt.  It crawled along, slowly, slowly, slowly.  Is it October break yet? Is it Thanksgiving yet? It is Christmas yet?  And I don’t always mean that it was a painful slow….just the type of slow that you can feel.  That’s what happens when you have to work on projects on a Friday night or wake up at 7am and immediately start writing a paper.  You just really feel the time.

And now it’s Christmas break and I go, “Shoot, that semester flew by!”  Funny how that works.   Even so, I still remind myself to enjoy the time and not wish my semesters away.

Other Semester Comments:

  • I learned more than I thought I could learn in a semester
  • I taught myself how to balance 3 projects and 4 papers at once (it’s my own system of multiple real-life clipboards and multiple virtual desktop folders)
  • I consistently heard, “Your reputation is more important than your grades.”  So I’m thinking about doing less studying and more networking.  Just kidding.  But more networking is still good.
  • I feel prepared to talk about human genetics with confidence.  I can make some bold statements without being ridiculed.  I think.

Overall, not too shabby of a semester.  Only  3 more to go.  Plus a mini semester in May.  Plus a summer internship.  So more like 4 more to go.  But let’s just say 3.


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