“She Knew He was a Fighter” ((By Jade))

Check this kid out! Seven-year-old Cody McCasland.

On giving hope to families and patients:

After being examined, the doctors told Mike, ” Your child has bladder syndrome, you should say goodbye to him because he won’t make it through the first 24 hours.”  He was in shock at that point, all of this was new to him and then, he also had to find a way to tell Tina.


Because of her experience as a social worker, helping to get medically fragile babies adopted, Tina knew that doctors tend to give, “a worst case scenario” often times because of liability and mal practice law suits.


Tina just couldn’t believe it, there was something about Cody, she knew he was a fighter.  She firmly believed that he was going to make it.

Athletic Prowess:

Cody McCasland


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