Spring Break Round-Up ((By Jade))

I meant to publish this before Spring Break…but instead this post sat around in “waiting” as I forgot to press the publish button.  And now, Spring Break has come and gone.  Here’s what I meant to say:


Half-Way Through Spring Round-Up:

  •  I have been more involved in community volunteering this semester as part of program requirements.  I also attended a “Family Home Visit” to listen to a family’s story about raising a son with severe autism.
  • We’re chugging along with thesis prep-work and aiming to submit our IRB proposals by the end of May.  I’m looking in the direction of investigating the stigma of cancer, along the lines of what the LiveSTRONG foundation is currently doing.
  • I am also steadily submitting my paperwork for my summer rotation in Orlando.  I’m grateful to be working in a skilled and modern facility, but am still working out the details of my sub-specialty for the 6 weeks.
  • I recently accepted a part-time job with a genetics marketing company! (Testing the waters as to whether you can be a graduate student in genetic counseling AND work…!)

On the horizon: welcoming more interviewees to the program, a family interview, final papers (dun dun DUN), presentations and routine class work, and tying up loose ends for our 3-week clinical semester in May… followed by our first rotation 🙂

…and now, on to SB2012!


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