Step Aside, Baby Mozart… ((By Jade))

photo credit: “Got Milk?” from David and Jennilyn blog;

While we try to stay factual in grad school, every once in a while someone starts a sentence with, “Well, I once heard somewhere that….”

So someone once heard somewhere that intelligence is linked to breast milk.  So I looked it up.  (Which gives some insight as to how I spend my Friday nights).  The New York Times published this article in 2007, claiming “Mental Abilities: Gene Found to Play Role in Benefits of Breast Milk.”  (Scientific research here).

The Nature part relies on the baby having acquired a common gene variant in FADS2, a metabolism gene which is better able to process fatty-acids (important in optimum brain functioning).  The Nurture, of course, relies on the baby having been breast fed.  Go figure.

“The big message from this,” Dr. Caspi said, “is that it’s not nature versus nurture that’s most important, but how nature works through nurture.”


In real life:  I’m finishing up my May Semester, which began right after the Spring Semester ended.  I have a couple more days of classes, a thesis proposal to submit to the IRB, and a parking decal to pick up before I begin my internship in Orlando.  Not to be outdone by Olivia, who is about to jet-set off to New Zealand  for her summer internship!


2 thoughts on “Step Aside, Baby Mozart… ((By Jade))

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