What’s Up Down Under ((By OLIVIA))

Sunrise at Waiatarua, where I’m currently staying.

I can’t promise that I won’t use anymore puns about the Southern Hemisphere while I’m here! As Jade mentioned in her last post I am doing my summer clinical placement at hospitals in New Zealand. I first went to NZ in 2009 on a ‘working holiday’ for a year after I graduated from undergrad- you can read about those adventures here if you are so inclined. I’ve been lucky enough to network with several interesting and extremely helpful people in the Kiwi genetics community and it has been through them that this opportunity became reality! I’m most looking forward to learning about the medical system, cultural differences, and how a smaller genetics service manages to take care of the country’s needs.

I don’t start for a couple of weeks so Ive been resting up, adjusting to the time change, winterizing, prepping my thesis proposal (EEEK!) and catching up with friends. I was watching TV the other day and found this wonderful show called Attitude that I just had to share. It features people with various disABILITIES and their challenges and successes. By now you know how much I love this learning about people’s experiences from their perspective and this show is no exception. I especially love the name! Not sure if the episodes will play in the US, but I hope so. Now that it’s summer, you can spend as much time watching these without feeling guilty!


One thought on “What’s Up Down Under ((By OLIVIA))

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