First Internship, Check! ((By Jade))

Hello, maps & genes! It’s been a while – sorry that you were watching tumbleweeds roll by in June.

Olivia and I will now officially call ourselves second-year graduate students! And then in another year we will call ourselves masters…and make everyone else call us masters too.

As for this summer, I have completed my first clinical rotation (or internship) at a hospital in Orlando. I rotated through all three major specialties: prenatal, pediatrics, and cancer. The most outstanding part of the whole experience was diving in and learning sans textbook and library. Although, there were definitely a few times where I wanted to run out of the room and look something up in a textbook really quickly. I’m also grateful for a fun group of supervisors willing to take me on and spend the time to teach me about the field.

I have 4 more rotations to complete over the next year; however, each one will be focused on a single specialty area in order to really tailor skills.

Olivia has been counseling all the way over in New Zealand, but returns to the States by the end of August. And…in October, she and I will finally be in the same city for the NSGC annual conference in Boston!


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