YouTube, Pinterest, and A Genetics Hodge Podge ((By Jade))

And…only one more semester to go!  (Anyone looking to hire two amazing genetic counselors, right out of the blocks?)

This post is simply a mash-up of genetics-related materials that I have been stockpiling.  And now that exams are over, and I have successfully driven 8 hours home, it is time to give WordPress a little attention:

To begin, this is a YouTube channel that I subscribed to in order to study for finals (it’s the new, mature way to study).  I believe this provides a clear description regarding epigenetics:

Next, here is a great new blog that details Genetic Counselling (the two “L” counselling) in South Africa.  I love their message of promotion.   They also tweet @GCNewsSA.

Thesis Update: I have proudly collaborated with the Hispanic Health Initiative at MUSC (Charleston).  I am so grateful to have their support and to collect some data from the participants.  Nothing has been analyzed thus far, but incoming data is a great boost during the long process that is thesis.

And finally, leave it to Pinterest to provide a clear explanation for Whole Exome Sequencing.


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