Happy New Year from M&G! How to Live Forever in 2013 and Other Medical Break-Throughs.

This is another info-graphic that we certainly cannot take credit for, but it seems like a fun way to ring in the New Year!  We wrote earlier about Living Forever, which is always a fun science-fiction topic that tip-toes towards real life application.

Living Forever.

Living Forever.

Also from the World Wide Web, we bring you “Medical Innovations in the Next 10-20 Years.”  They discuss the developments in tissue regeneration and bionics (replacement eyeballs with 20/20 vision!).  To really glimpse into the astounding forefront of regenerative medicine, there is this Ted Talk that delineates where we’re headed.  Amazingly, we’re partly already there:

And what would a post about “The Future of (Genetics) Medicine” be without mention of human cloning.  Rightfully so, the controversy coats the application, however, they predict it could become reality by 2020.  Here, Discovery Channel talks Human Cloning.  I admit I have yet to watch the entire video, but the comments provide a glimpse of the emotionally-charged issue (again, rightfully so):

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