15-year-old Invents New Method of Diagnosing Cancer #PancreaticCancerResearch

Instead of taking ‘duck-face’ pictures of yourself online…or posting food on Instagram…you could be changing the world.

The following video is an immensely inspiring story about a 15-year-old’s quest in cancer research.  This is especially pertinent as he is investigating early detection of pancreatic cancer — a notoriously sneaky cancer that is often found too late due to few or non-overt symptoms.

Pancreatic cancer is also linked to BRCA1/2 gene mutations associated with Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer (HBOC) syndrome.  While the HBOC risk for pancreatic cancer is increased above that of the general population, it is often disheartening to admit to patients that we are not that great at detection with our current science.

Some will also remember that Carnegie Mellon professor, Randy Pausch, lost his battle to pancreatic cancer.  He is the speaker/author of the inspirational Last Lecture.


COMING UP NEXT MONTH: A guest post from a first-year classmate of mine regarding tips & tricks for interviewing with genetic counseling programs.  Many of our “m&g fans” have requested that we discuss How to Get In to Programs ….well, we hear you!


2 thoughts on “15-year-old Invents New Method of Diagnosing Cancer #PancreaticCancerResearch

  1. That’s amazing. To think 199 proffessors said no. I bet they regret it now. It shows you don’t need flashy degrees to achieve something amazing.

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