D-Day ((Anna))

With decision day around the corner, I hope these posts help your decision making a smoother process.

I agree with Austin’s points, as those were main considerations for me. I would add that before you hear back from programs, make sure to rank them in order of preference because you only have a few days (maybe a week? I can’t remember) to decide, so knowing ahead of time which school you prefer will make your decision easier.

In terms of my personal experience with the interview process, I interviewed at 2 schools in different states and really liked both of them. It was a tough decision to choose one over the other but my decision ultimately came down to this:

  • The number of clinical hours
  • The variation of clinic sites (and their reputation!!)
  • Since both schools were in proximity to major cities, I chose the city that would enable me to take better advantage of my surroundings and expose me to different patient populations
  • Class size
  • Fellowship opportunities
  • Neighborhood
  • The city! I chose a city I could live in that would encourage a work-life balance

A few things to remember as well if you don’t get an acceptance. As Austin mentioned, if you don’t get in this time around, try again! Perseverance shows that being a genetic counselor is what you want to be! Don’t get discouraged- the fact you got an interview is no small feat! You already beat out so many applicants. Try to shadow or volunteer with a genetic counselor so next time you interview you can give specific details about your experiences in the field.

Good luck!


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