Today is the day!

Today marks the start of the decision period for Genetic Counseling programs and GC applicants.  We all wish you the best of luck today and throughout the remainder of the week!

Hope things are going smoothly– or at the very least you are taking steps to stay sane through this process.  Here are three last words of wisdom for you all:

1. Do not give up on your dreams.

Will get in

2. Take time from your day to do something fun.  Take a break– go to dinner– get some ice cream– anything to take your mind off a crazy day ((or to CELEBRATE a crazy day)).

3. Make the best decision for YOU.  Only you know how you truly feel– follow your gut instincts.

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4 thoughts on “Today is the day!

  1. Vinh says:

    Hi guys !

    First of all, thanks for the blog I found it really helpful. I just recently took the gre and it wasnt good( math 153, verbal 149) my gpa is 3.42 I had one year of experience working as a volunteer for a crisis hotline, 1 year of volunteering with brain injury survivors, semester of research assistant in a psychology lab. I also shadowed 2 genetics counselor in my area. I wonder if these experience would compensate for my gre, and what are my chance in general ? I intend to apply to 5-6 programs

    An reply would be helpful,


    Vinh Vo

    • Work to make yourself a stronger candidate academically. Sounds like you have had some wonderful experiences– which will do nothing but aid you in the long run. Keep working on ways to gain exposure via working with people in a medical setting or with possible genetic conditions. Also, the more shadowing the better. ((again– these are just opinions as there is SO much that goes into determining if a candidate is both ready for graduate studies and a good fit for a particular program).

      Consider working on ways to show you are ready for difficult graduate level studies. Programs want to know that you will not be over your head/overwhelmed by the difficulty level of graduate coursework. Can you handle the very biology-intense coursework? Thus, try to really excel in any biology courses. Seek out other ways to show you are academically strong. (additional research labs– volunteer experiences– excellent, improving grades)

      5-6 programs is a good idea. Yet, there is not magic number. (some claim that between 6-8 is best in terms of odds) And, unfortunately I have no idea what your chances are given that I am just a recent GC grad myself. However, overtime you learn that the more “well rounded” you can be the better. The application process is lengthy and there are so many factors that contribute to candidates getting accepted — there is not “one way” to get in. GRE/Grades/Looking “graduate school” ready is just one domain. You still have your personal statements, resume, and in person interviews just to name a few items. Both candidates and interviewers are also looking for that connection/fit for that specific program. Work hard in terms of your education and extracurricular activities– and try not to stress. Strive to highlight the pros of your resume and all of the positive things you have accomplished!

  2. Hallie says:

    Any chance you’ll start things up again? I’m applying to schools now and loved reading through this last year. Thanks for doing it!

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