Maps & Genes was co-founded by Olivia Tan and Jade Mukri in 2011 – inspired by a conversation during a graduate school interview.

Contributing writers may alternate as current students lend their voices.

Current Staff

Jade Mukri (formerly Jade C) is a board certified genetic counselor living in Jacksonville, FL and currently working remotely for GeneDx diagnostic laboratory. She received her MS in Genetic Counseling from the University of South Carolina in 2013, and also earned a BS in Health Education and a BA in Spanish from the University of Florida in 2009. Jade’s major professional interests include cardiovascular disease and medical/science writing. She is a member of the Florida Association of Genetic Counselors as well as a Jacksonville running team.

Olivia Tan is a board certified genetic counseling living on Long Island, NY.  She currently works as a Cancer and Prenatal genetic counselor for a community hospital on Long Island.  She earned her BS in Microbiology with a minor in Genetics from NC State University in 2009 and her MS in Human Genetics from Sarah Lawrence College in 2013.  Olivia’s professional interests include cancer and prenatal genetics, the application of new genetics technology, and community genetics education.  In her downtime, she enjoys creating vegetarian recipes in the kitchen and spending time outside, especially at the beach.

Sarah Brandenberger (formerly Sarah K) is a board certified and licensed genetic counselor residing in Angola, IN. She currently works as a Medical and Scientific Liasion for Roche Diagnostics supporting the Harmony Prenatal Test (NIPT). She attended Indiana University in Bloomington where she earned her BA in biology and psychology with a minor in business marketing in 2012. She obtained her master of science degree in genetic counseling from the University of South Carolina in 2014.  Sarah obtained her MBA from Western Governors University in 2018. Sarah’s personal interests include home renovations, maintaining her personal finance blog, and spreading the good word about the genetic counseling profession.

Hannah Mianzo  is a licensed genetic counselor living in Cincinnati, OH. She is currently working as a laboratory and clinical genetic counselor at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. She earned her BS in Biology from Wittenberg University, her MS in Biology from the University of Louisville, and is a recent graduate of Case Western Reserve University for her MS in genetic counseling.

Camille Fisher is a board-certified genetic counselor residing in Austin, TX and currently working as a pediatric genetic counselor with Dell Children’s Medical Group. She earned her BS in Human Biology with a concentration in Genetics and Biotechnology from the University of Texas at Austin in 2014. She completed her Masters of Genetic Counselor Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health in 2017. Camille’s professional interests include the integration of novel genetic technologies with clinical practice and public health / community education initiatives. In her free time, Camille enjoys exploring new nature trails and hunting down local live music.

Brynna Nguyenton will be a first year genetic counseling student at the Keck Graduate Institute. She earned her BS in Biology with a minor in Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience from San Diego State University in 2016. Brynna’s professional interests include accessible healthcare, neuropsychiatric genetics, and promoting scientific literacy and education in the community. Outside of genetic counseling, she enjoys thrift shopping, traveling and trying new foods, and spending time outdoors with her Husky/Shepherd puppy, Kenobi.


2 thoughts on “Bios

  1. Abee says:

    Hi there! I’ve been reading this blog as I prepare to applying to GC programs (eek! Deadlines are coming!). I was wondering if it would be possible to hear each of your opinions about why you chose the program you are/were in?? Specifically, I’m applying to programs that Cayla and Jade attend(ed). But I would love to hear a personal side for what made a program stand out! If that’s inappropriate for this blog, I understand. Just curious and anxious for it to be my turn!

    • Olivia says:

      Hi Abbee,

      Apologies for delayed reply! Thank you for the request 🙂 I’ll see what we bloggers can whip up. I’m not sure how personal the post will be but there are general themes that can help anyone with decision making. Check out the end of “Mid-Interview Soul Searching” post for some thoughts to consider when choosing a program.

      Good luck with application submissions!

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