We’re going to shake things up with a new blog post contribution process…

If you’re a current student who would like to guest-post, we would love to hear from you!


Here is what you should do…subject to change, of course…:

  1. Send us an email to
  2. Use subject line: Guest Post
  3. Send us a summary of your idea(s) with a few sentences
  4. We’ll respond with feedback and ideally give you the go-ahead to write an entire post
  5. We may ask you to make edits to the final version
  6. We reserve the right to ultimately veto a final post

Keep in mind that the idea is to make this a painless and fun process – we’re not setting out to endlessly edit anyone’s post – but we do need to ensure blog posts are well thought-out and appropriate for our audience.

Looking forward to hearing your fresh thoughts!!


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