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Congratulations to the C/O 2013

I have been very fortunate to have made so many  friends throughout the graduate school experience and to have created connections with students in different programs.  So glad to have met all of you!

It doesn’t take a scientist (although I am one, actually a Master one) to notice all the graduation ceremonies popping up on Facebook.  So while we all  “hood up” and celebrate our accomplishments, Maps & Genes wants to extend a “Congratulations!” to all of us, including the First Years becoming Second Years and the NEW First Years who were recently accepted.

I (Jade) also have  to post a “We Did It!” photo of my classmates and I on Graduation Day!

USC Genetic Counseling C/O 2013

Coming Up: Perhaps some reflection posts (although we might be too tired to reflect, so no promises), and also a “What’s Next for m&g” post!

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